Professor Sotirios Michou

I first saw the work of Alexandros Valvis with the opportunity of an exhibition in which we both participated.

Omnis mundi creatura
Quasi liber et pittura

Nobis est speculum

Alain de Lille, 1128-1202

These Latin verses describe the essence of his work which, seems to be speaking to us and facing us in an indirect manner, as if we have been looking in a mirror or looking at a picture.

The cosmogonic character of these artworks derives from Valvis’s undisputed love for nature. The materials come in contact thus creating through light moving colours and shapes reminiscent of a positive trace of reality and a confession of truth. He manages to turn light into shadow and vice versa presenting motion as a colour of light. We see the sky and the earth join in a swirling dance and the earth taking the form of innumerable shapes to become eventually the sky.

The pursuit of these alternations and transformations is exactly what Alexandros Valvis calls “road to the light”. I believe that the trace of light and the road to the light are the direct result of his quests as a painter.

The road of light and the road of life join together to form the chart of life that we should follow.

This undeniable language in the form of painting or drawings can hardly be missed and is immediately recognized in his work.

Sotirios Michou
Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts, Stuttgart